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Looking for a reliable household goods fix pal?

The service features personal and household goods fix and maintenance entrepreneurs operating in your area.

Just enter the trade category you’re looking for and your postcode or town/city into the boxes at the top of the page, then click ‘Submit’.

Make the selection

When a search has been made, the members of FixPal who specialise in the relevant category within the chosen region will be listed.

You can view the company profiles and Reviews from previous customers to help you to select the ideal company for you.

Leave a review

Once your job has been completed, leave a review on to let others know the quality of work done by the trader.

This encourages a continued high standard and helps others to find tradespeople they can trust.



For Service Providers is the Finland’s largest market place for small and medium size entrepreneurs offering household an personal goods maintenance & repair service.

As an exclusive member of you can

Promote your business

  • Company page to keep your company information up-to-date and show off your skills as repair specialist in your area.
  • Full use of our branding including stickers, leaflets and web logos.
  • Photo gallery; showcase pictures of your previous work.
  • Option to manage multiple businesses and shop locations.

Do not pay for leads

  • Comprehensive Internet visibility for your business easily, quickly, and without the need to purchase expensive website SEO marketing services.
  • Regular SOME advertising to bring you more leads.


  • Showcase your outstanding reviews from previous customers

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